Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I haven't been blogging lately, but I have been coloring.  I guess that is what is really important.

I have been participating in the second thirty day color challenge over on The Daily Marker.  I am so happy that I have been, because I had not been making the time for myself to make it to my craft desk.  I have finished eight days so far.  I am enjoying trying different skin and hair types on the Tiddly Inks stamps.  Here's what I have done.

Tiddly Inks - Annabell, puppy love

Tiddly Inks - Mavis

Tiddly Inks - Annabelle Puppy Love

Tiddly Inks - Annabelle Puppy Love

Bugaboo Stamps - Kitties

Bugaboo Stamps - Winter Bears

Tiddly Inks - Snorkel Bunny

Tiddly Inks - Wyrn and Friends
Go check out what is going on over at The Daily Marker 30 Day Color Challenge.  

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